Author/ Mental Wellness Advocate/ Public Speaker

March 2018 Featured Author - VAL RANKIN PRINSLOO

H4U Book Bytes Club


H4U Book Bytes club was formed from a Community Support initiative called H4U.


It is an unconventional book club.


We have members who read books from an array of different writers and genres. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Crime & Investigation, Business, Entrepreneurship and Motivational books all form a part of the club members’ interests. We are unified in our passion for reading and writing.   

We meet once a month on a Saturday afternoon between 2 & 4pm at a coffee shop. We have been blessed in the past with local guest authors, namely Asmaa Khan (Author of Surviving); Saaleha Bamjee (winner of the 2014 Writivism Award); Genè Gualdi (Author of Bollywood Blonde) and Val Rankin Prinsloo (Author of Valley of Victory & Coping with mental & behavioural issues) We source new and exciting guest-speaker author/motivational speaker to address each book club meeting.