Val Rankin

Author/ Mental Wellness Advocate/ Public Speaker

Val Rankin

Author/ Mental Wellness Advocate/ Public Speaker

Valley of Victory: A True Story of Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs




Also available in PAPERBACK.



 Authentic Reader Responses


It concerns me when seeing others responding in the same way after reading your book – just how many emotionally broken people are there in the world? There are so many lessons that can be learnt from this... We are not alone in our own little communities. Take a few deep breaths, your book is going to have a huge impact of many families. Let it go – let it go – let it go, my baby girl is a big “FROZEN” fan.



All I can say is that I am totally and completely honoured to even be mentioned in the book of the bravest person I have known in my life. I salute you with hands and feet for opening your heart and soul to help others. Valley, before you know you will have sold 2 million copies!



Thank you for an awesome read! I’m amazed at how strong you are. How your whole outlook on life has changed. We need another book please. I am so proud of you :)

Charlaine Pierce


Hi cousin, people at work have seen your book on my desk and asked to loan in. I have, especially to ladies with obesity issues. The most important thing here is that the message in your book has changed me and my mission now is to make my kids and husband feel more loved by me and through me, so that one day my book too can be a good read also. It is amazing how God’s intervention is as clear as daylight. You told your story in such a realistic and interesting way. I am very proud of you.

Shaylene Adonis


I have read your book, complete from start to finish, in one sitting yesterday. I am sincerely proud of you and your masterpiece... It is a sad reality but I do admire your courage and determination to triumph in the end. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

Byron Adonisix


I (have) almost finished your book and I must say there is so much that I find disturbing. There are so many things that I can relate to. It has brought up so many feelings that were buried very, very deep down. No more hiding our demons. For our parents, we had to behave in a certain way and look a certain way. You did good, it takes a lot of guts but you did it and I applaud you for that.

Chantal Smith


I am so sad to know that we are cousins and I never really knew you. I said to someone in the family many years ago that rich people must be the happiest. The reply was that rich people are sometimes the unhappiest. Anonymous


Val, I have read your book twice. Thank you for your support through my trials and tribulations. This is also my “Valley of Victory”.

Jeska Mnguni


 Val, I admire your resolve to tell your story. May God continue to drop his thoughts and you continue to write

Paul Bowden


I collected “Valley of Victory” yesterday and have read it cover to cover... Congratu-lations on a well written and thought provoking book.CandisGoodwinThat book really moves, I have read it three times, it is so touching and powerful and life changing.

Pastor Joshua


I couldn’t put the book down and finished it within three hours. Reminds me so much of someone else. All she wanted was her mother’s love. Her last words to her mother before she passed away were: “All I wanted was for you to love me.” Her mother thought that sending her to private schools and buying her clothes from Woolworths was showing her love.

Lee-Anne Laing


A good read, every possibility imaginable in our small Eshowe, I was engrossed in every line. Well done Valley, you have spoken for all of us. Thank you for making us question our existence.

Sonja Horsley


Just got the book off Amazon, well done Val! What a fantastic read! Robyn Fynn


Awesome book, I read it in one night. I couldn’t put it down…

Shanty Thring


I am proud of you my Valentino!

Nomalee Kim


I read your book today from start to finish. It was a good read. Well done!


Lesley Smal

Along the journey, Valley of Victory asks questions that are as simple as their answers are complex.