Val Rankin

Author/ Mental Wellness Advocate/ Public Speaker

Val Rankin

Author/ Mental Wellness Advocate/ Public Speaker

Today is a special day, not just any day. It’s the 8th of February 2018.


It’s not the day of my birth. Birthdays are often the most celebrated occasions. The 1st, 16th, 21st, 40th, 50th and even for those fortunate enough the 100th.



Today is significance to others but not for the same reason as mine. It’s my day – special and all for me, for my own reasons. 


We remember certain special days whether it’s for a happy or sad reason, it is something that we reflect on and give attention to. Out of 365 days of every year, someone, somewhere is reminiscing on the past. An anniversary is a date when you remember something special that happened on that date in an earlier year.



During our life time development there are important rites of passage that are celebrated such as Baptisms, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmations, First Communion, Sweet-Sixteen & 21st birthdays and School or University graduations. There are a whole host of religious holidays that are also celebrated. Engagements & Weddings usually are remembered for the story of the relationship between two individuals. Countries celebrate national and specific anniversaries. There are unpleasant days where great tragedy struck nations and shocked the world to a stand-still. Days like this don’t just change and impact individuals and each year in commemoration of these days, we acknowledge them. There are other individual days like the day a person stops an addiction or becomes free from a dreaded disease.

Then the inevitable one that no living thing can escape – Death. In our caring nature we extend kindness and compassion to the grieving person who feels comforted that while their loved one is gone, their lives mattered, and we haven't forgotten.



We are often inclined to offer others gifts, flowers, donations as acknowledgement of the important day. Who doesn’t love getting Christmas or Birthday gifts or flowers? Valentines’ Day, Mothers & Father’s Day and the list can go on and on.

Nobody however will acknowledge the importance of 8th February for me as much as I do. I had my first real spiritual experience 10 years ago on this day in 2008. I had suffered a bout of severe depression for a couple of months prior. The long and short of the significance of this day was that I felt that things changed for me in the spiritual realm of my life. I was in the pits of despair and during an unexpected prayer session my life was transformed. It was akin to a black and white movie countdown – 10 – 9- 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 0



The curtain had dropped and I felt something incredible and euphoric for days after that. I had the sensation that all of my emotional pain had been suctioned out of me and was replaced with a fountain of joy, stemming straight from the pit of my stomach. I was actually shocked into silence for a long period thereafter. I couldn’t even describe what I was feeling so I rather just kept it to myself. What I can say for sure is that the mind-heart shift change that took place after that 8th February 2008, could and will not be forgotten. As the years seem to progress, the celebration of that one anniversary grows even bigger with time. 

After that experience in 2008, I thought back and remembered that I had landed in Tel-Aviv Israel 10 years prior on 8th February 1998. It was then that the penny dropped and it all made sense. My life has been evolving for about 20 years and I anticipate more significance for myself on this day for the rest of my existence. 

I urge you to celebrate life for one day your life will be celebrated as well. Make your life important to you. Fill it with happiness and significance and go-ahead and make that difference in the lives of others.



And it is in celebration of this day 8th February 2018, do I wish to give a gift to you the reader. My free ebook on Coping with Mental and Behavioural Issues.  My wish for you is that you continue to hold dear onto your own special days and that you continue to celebrate life. 


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