Val Rankin

Author/ Mental Wellness Advocate/ Public Speaker

Val Rankin

Author/ Mental Wellness Advocate/ Public Speaker

Peace in the Valley for your Mental Health a REGISTERED Non Profit Company

since 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa




Peace in theValley for your Mental Health  Self-Advocacy's vision is to bridge the gap of understanding on mental wellness in society and the corporate world. The idea is to create a lasting mental awareness mindset shift in organization's and all those whose lives they touch.


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Val Rankin Prinsloo

 lives and works in the insurance sector in bustling Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a mother to Cidal. Life is jam-packed with day-to-day activities but writing gives her the greatest pleasure and fulfillment and that is how she spends any free time.


She was born and raised in the so-called City on a hill, Eshowe (KwaZulu-Natal) in 1972. Those days were a far cry from city life; quite rural, where everyone knew your name and stopped to offer you a lift in the rain.

Valley of Victory is her first book.


Her journey through life has been a challenging yet exciting transformation.



Mental Wellness is a topic that she is passionate   about. 



If you read my story you will feel more comfortable with the issues relating to mental and behavioural challenges.  If we work together professionally I will be able to connect with your company in order to bridge the waters of misunderstanding around psycho-social disabilities in the work-place.

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Val Rankin Prinsloo



Val Rankin Prinsloo



Val Rankin Prinsloo



 Val Rankin Prinsloo